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Historical Antecedents Of The Hand Fan

The hand fan has a long and chequered history in the United Kingdom. In fact it is believed that the hand fan was first introduced into Europe during the time of the Crusades around the 12th century.

However, the hand fan became popular as a social instrument, cooling device and fashion accessory around the 16th century. In the beginning, the hand fan made of feather and other types of the ridged hand fan was popular, but later the folding hand fan came into England, introduced from Japan and China, from where it originated.

Queen Elizabeth I was very enamoured with the hand fan, and many of her portraits of the time show her holding one. Since that time, British royalty has been using the fan for a variety of reasons, mostly as a fashion accessory.

A “Must-have” Wedding Accessory

During the time of the royal wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton during April 2011, the hand fan museum put together a collection of which showed the hand fan that had actually been used by royalty. One of the exhibits was a hand fan of white ostrich feathers with a silver handle called the Princess Diana hand fan, and was one of 27 specially made for her wedding.

Along with the elaborate wedding decorations and other wedding accessories such as wedding favors (cheap wedding favors or personalised favors), wedding napkins and other napkins, and the traditional flower girl, the hand fan is another classic must-have for your wedding to have that perfect look.

Various Types Of Hand Fans

There are various types of hand fans – the ridged hand fan (stiff, shaped like a leaf, an oval or a rectangle) , the folding hand fan (a type very popular in the UK), the pleated hand fan (made of a mount and a set of sticks, the base of which is connected, allowing it to be spread open), the brise hand fan (consists of a set of sticks, held together by a ribbon running across the top) and the cockade hand fan (can be opened into a complete circle).

The handles were often made of wood, ivory, horn, gold, mother-of-pearl or tortoise shell. The body of the hand fan was usually made of paper or vellum, or even lace and decorated with silk, gold, sequins or feathers.

Use Of Hand Fans

Traditionally, hand fans have served a plethora of purposes – to cool; to drive away flies; as a fashion accessory that complemented the dress of a lady (much like a handbag or gloves); as a means of spreading news or propaganda, even advertising. There was even an elaborate system of signs and gestures developed, which evolved into a kind of “hand fan language” – and thus the hand fan became a social instrument that kept boredom at bay during dull events.

Today, the hand fan enjoys the status given to a piece of art and is much valued as a fashion accessory that lends a touch of class to feminine dressing.

Choosing a Hand Fan for Your Wedding Guests

No matter whether your wedding occurs in the summer or winter, you may want to offer each guest a hand fan. Apart from helping everyone stay comfortable, a hand fan can also be given in place of more expensive wedding favours.

In fact, if you are looking for cheap wedding favours or personalised napkins, a personalised hand fan may represent one of your best options. If you decide to autograph each hand fan, or put a special picture on them, your guests will never realize that spending extra money on personalised favours led you to choose a hand fan for each person.

Finding the Best Hand Fan for a Flower Girl

Aside from offering wedding personalised candles, you may want the flower girl to have a special hand fan. For example, if the girl in question likes horses or some other animal, you may select a hand fan with this animal on it. In a similar way, if you are going to give each member of the party a special hand fan, you can always have them embossed with the person’s name.

Without a question, if the hand fan is durable, then you can rest assured that the flower girl will keep it for years on end. In fact, if you choose a folding style hand fan, you may even find that it will become a family heirloom.

Save Money

You can save money on hand fans, wedding toasting flutes, personalised serving set or Engraved Wedding Set and wedding confectionery. As you search for an ideal hand fan design, you may also want to ask about a engraved serving set as well as wedding personalised candles.

At the very least, if you ask for the hand fan design to match these items, you can also receive a discount on all of them. In fact, if the designer also offers to personalise each hand fan, they may also be able to create personalised napkins, and all kinds of wedding favours.

When you search for a hand fan design, you may feel that it is important to make sure the hand fan matches other elements in the wedding décor. For example, you may want a hand fan that matches the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses, or have the same flowers as the bridal bouquet.

As may be expected, a hand fan that clashes with other elements may not be very appealing. For example, if you are going with a blue theme, it may not be of much use to choose a florescent yellow hand fan. On the other hand, a purple hand fan or a green hand fan might be appealing.

During the process of choosing a hand fan for your wedding, you can look to use it for multiple purposes. This includes enabling people to use the hand fan to keep themselves comfortable as well as keep them as a cherished memento. That said, you should still make sure that the hand fan will fit with other elements of the wedding design.