Make Wise Choices When Serving Alcohol At Your Reception

alcohol reception wedding

If you decide to have alcohol at your reception, there are several things you need to ponder. For instance, is serving alcohol appropriate at the location? How will you serve it? What is the most appropriate way of serving it considering the amount of guests and the type of crowd?

A bride and groom are the ones that need to assess the situation. They know who the guests will be and what their tolerance is for alcohol. Do you think you will have trouble controlling the crowd? Some in attendance may be known for consuming more than they can handle of liquid refreshments.

Remember, you need to take into consideration all guests view of such matters. Although some feel any social gathering is license to over-indulge, it is certainly inappropriate to get drunk at a wedding reception.

The options include a cash bar, open bar and a limited bar. The venue may prohibit alcohol serving or consumption on the premises. If this is the case, you need to respect the rules of the area. Make sure you find out before deciding whether to have alcohol even if it’s just wine, beer or champagne.

A cash bar will limit any alcohol abuse. This means that your guests will have to pay for any alcohol they wish to consume. Some places wisely allow only a certain amount of alcohol to be served.

An open bar is the most expensive and the most generous. In this case, all alcohol is paid for and allows the guests to have as much as they want without having to pay a thing. Choosing an open bar will definitely give you happy and very thankful guests but it places a heavy responsibility on those overseeing the gathering to make sure the alcohol consumption does not fuel problems.

A limited bar is a nice compromise. This kind of bar will have only a limited selection of drinks. If the selection of drinks is limited, then the consumption of them will be limited. This is considered on of the safest way to go. The limitations will control the crowd so as not to have any misbehaving people.

Other alternatives would include that of having someone serve the beverages, having a bottle or two of wine or liquor of your choice on each table. Some may choose to just do away with the option of serving alcoholic drinks all together.

Any one of these alternatives will limit the amount of alcohol consumption. If you choose to have one choice of liquor at your reception, then choose an appropriate one for the theme or season. As an example, if you are having a buffet and morning reception then mimosa would be a wise choice. If it’s a late night or formal reception, then have champagne punch.